100mw 405nm focusable purple uv laser pointer torch burn matches free shipping

100mw 405nm focusable purple uv laser pointer torch burn matches free shipping

Model No.︰OX-B304

Brand Name︰oxlasers

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 50 / pc

Minimum Order︰2 pc

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  • Max Output: <= 100mW   WATER PROOF
  • water proofed/high powered purple laser pointer
  • Wave Length: 405nm
  • Output wave: Continuous wave
  • Power by : 18650 battery (included)
  • Weight : 0.3kg
  • Dimension (Item) : (4.76 x0.86) inch  
  • Brand new Red Laser
  • True 100mw Output,

        Adjustable focus  < IMPORTANT: focusable means you need to focus the dot into the smallest in a limited distance to burn things, otherwise it wont burn > THIS NOTE IS ONLY FOR THE CUSTOMERS WHO HAVE NEVER HAD ANY EXPERIENCES ON FOCUSABLE LASER, IF YOU KNOW HOW TO USE A FOCUSABLE LASER, PLEASE IGNORE THIS :)

  • Power saving, compact and reliable
  • Burn matches in 2sec , light cigarettes


    405nm blue laser pointer or purple laser pointer/violet blue laser pointer are one of the most special protable laser pointer in the market.  it is not that bright as green or red laser, but when you point it at a white object, it will show really bright!!!]Enjoy


    OXlasers provides wholesale laser pointers, 532nm green laser pointer, 405nm blue laser pointer(blue violet laser pointer and purple laser pointer), 650-660nm red laser pointer, high power laser pointers, pen shaped laser pointer and flashlight shaped lasers (5mw -600mw), our laser pointers above 100mw can burn mtaches above 200mw can light cigarettes very easily.

Payment Terms︰ bank transfer, western union, paypal

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