200mw 650nm focusable red laser pointer burning torch with keylock free shipping

200mw 650nm focusable red laser pointer burning torch with keylock free shipping

Model No.︰OX-R301

Brand Name︰oxlasers

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 16 / pc

Minimum Order︰10 pc

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Product Description

200mW 650nm focusable red laser pointer torch with key lock and  Burn Matches/Fireworks
18650 battery


  • with  safety key lock
  • Color:Black
  • The laser's adjustable feature allows you to adjust the focus of the laser pointer to get the ideal beam for the distance you are projecting.
  • Output wavelength: 650nm
  • This top quality red pointer makes an immediate impact.
  • Housed in a solid metal case, the adjustable red laser pointer is a great choice for those who want the very best and latest in laser pointer technology.
  • Presenters using red lasers are immediately perceived as ahead of the pack in both style and technology.
  • Output power: 200mW
  • Just turn the ring on the front of the pointer. At short distances, a few feet or less, you can project a remarkably sharp and bright beam.

    • with 2 safety key
    • Max Output: <= 200mW
    • Wave Length: 650nm
    • Output wave: Continuous wave
    • Power by : 1*18650 battery (included ) or a 16340 battery ( not included)
    • Weight (Item) : 50g
    • Dimension (Item) : (4.76 x0.86) inch  
    • Brand new Red Laser
    • True 200mw Output, if not we will provide full refund
    • Great for pointing objects from long distance, such as stars
    • Extremely Visible red light beam in the dark
    • Adjustable focus
    • Range in excess of 6,000 ft
    • Power saving, compact and reliable
    • Burn matches in 2sec , light cigarettes


    OXlasers provides wholesale laser pointers, 532nm green laser pointer, 405nm blue laser pointer(blue violet laser pointer and purple laser pointer), 650-660nm red laser pointer, high power laser pointers, pen shaped laser pointer and flashlight shaped lasers (5mw -600mw), our laser pointers above 100mw can burn mtaches above 200mw can light cigarettes very easily

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