50mw 405nm blue violet laser pointer/focusable mini purpel laser burn matches

50mw 405nm blue violet laser pointer/focusable mini purpel laser  burn matches

Model No.︰OX-B306

Brand Name︰OXLasers

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 15 / pc

Minimum Order︰6 pc

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Product Description


50mw 405nm violet blue laser pointer flashlight with a focusable lens burnig laser!

Please study the user guidance in detailed for proper operation. This guidance is applicable to all of our green lasers .
Any questions or advisement please kindly consult our dealers for more technical and new product information.
(Cautious of Use):

Encase the battery into the Laser flashlight according to the above pictures, lock the trail-cap, press on the switch for lighting. Attention:
Never put the battery in opposite polarity .
For stable capability 3V Lithium Battery is recommended.
It is Suggested that continuous use never exceed 30 Seconds.
If dirty the lens by carelessness, please take off lens by forceps,then wash it, dry up and install it back.
Outsid 22.5*118MM
Laser wavelength: 405 nm
Optical power: 50mW,  ALSO  100mw 150mw 200mw  AVAILABLE!!!  
point shape:(Circle)
Spot diameter at 15metre):18mm±3mm
Beam Roundness: >90%
Beam radiation angle:1.5-2.5mrad
Operating current: 180mA<I<650mA
Working Voltage: □DC=3.0V □DC=3.7V
Trigger Voltage: DC=2.6V
Operating temperature: +15C to+30C/20-80RH
Storage temperature: -10Cto+50C/93-95RH
Power Supply: One burl of CR123A /16340Lithium Battery
Package): (White box)
 (Safety and Key Point of Operation)
Laser beam should be far from the eyes of human beings and animals in using.
Avoid any of fierce bump or punch which will cause the uncovered damage on lasers’ optical system.
Please keep away from the children, If necessary, please operate under the guide of grown-up.
Please do not use the laser under the teperature of 35C exceed or 0C lowered which will speed up the aging of the
Never use any unsuitable battery for power supply since the over voltage will damage the flashlight.
Li-Battery is an ideal power supply. Normally charge duration shall not exceed 1.5hs. Please observe the relevant
safe norms of the lithium battery.
Please take out the battery and keep it in the anti-static dry &dustproof place if not use for a long time.

405nm blue laser pointer or purple laser pointer/violet blue laser pointer are one of the most special protable laser pointer in the market.  it is not that bright as green or red laser, but when you point it at a white object, it will show really bright!!!

Payment Terms︰ bank transfer, western union, paypal

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