sound active Disco Laser Light + MP3 + Speaker/red and green laser projector

sound active Disco Laser Light + MP3 + Speaker/red  and green laser projector

Model No.︰mp3 laser light

Brand Name︰oxlasers

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 50 / pc

Minimum Order︰5 pc

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Product Description

Disco laser player user manual Spec:
1. Size: 216x193x55mm.
2. Power supply: Input: 100-240V AC 50/6Hz ,Output: DC5V/1.5A
3. Music format supported: MP3
4. Memory: 1G
5. Speaker Spec: 2W(L) +2W(R).
6. Output power: Red laser 100mW(650nm),Green laser 20mW(532nm).
7. PERATING TEMP. RANGE: +10° ~ +40°
8. STORAGE TEMP. RANGE: -10° ~ +60°

1. Voltage: AC5V external power supply

2. Power ON/OFF: Press this button to turn on/off the power.

3. Play/Pause: After turn on the power, press the "Play/Pause" button to play the music. When playing the music, press this button can stop the music temporarily. This product with memory action, if you want to pause the song, and play it when you start up next time, Please press this botton for 3 seconds.

4. Next: Press this button, the player will play the next song.

5. Previous: Press this button, the player will play the previous song.

6. VOL+ / VOL-: Turn the button clockwise to increase the volume; Turn the button anticlockwise to decrease the volume.

7. LASER: Press the button "LASER" to turn on/off the Laser.
8. SPEED: This button is used to choose the mode of the laser.

Once you turn on the Laser, the default mode is SOUND ACTIVE (means the light will change as per the music's cadence); After that, the first time you press this button, the mode will change to SOFT (which means the light will move uniformly); If the second time you press this button, the mode will change to STATIC (which meansz all the light will stop moving); The third time you press is button, it turn to the default mode (SOUND ACTIVE) again.

9. USB: Use our USB cord to connect this Disco Laser Player and the computer, you can download the MP3 songs you like into this player or delete the MP3 from this player.

10. Remote signal receiver: The valid angle to receive signal request is ± 15o, The signal receiver will not received the signal request from
Remote controller successfully if you are not operate remote controller at this ranges, Also when the player be put on tripod and inclined some angle (not within ± 15o), The signal receiver also will not received signal request, under this condition, we suggest to use manual system to operate the player.
11. Remote controller: If you want to start up Remote control system, Please press "play/pause" bottom on remote controller and let LED on remote Controller point to this signal receiver (Remote Signal receiver) direction directly. The valid angle to send signal request to signal receiver successfully is ± 15o, The distance is within 8 metre, If you start up remote control system is beyond 8 metre long, The remote control system will be no work.

NOTE: Keep this player away from the child, and don't look at the laser straightly.

Payment Terms︰ bank transfer, western union

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